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As a community-based literacy council, the Literacy Council of the Ouachitas thrives on the dedication of volunteers, our remarkable team whose skills and compassion help us tackle the challenge of adult literacy and education head-on. Engaging in volunteer work for adult literacy and education proves not only meaningful but also immensely rewarding. From tutoring to support personnel, we need your help to accomplish our mission.

Volunteer tutors receive comprehensive training to engage with adults as they work towards life goals by improving skills like reading, math, or English. Tutors and learners can convene either at the local council offices or any community location at flexible hours.

During training, volunteers gain insights into aiding adults who aspire to enhance their reading abilities or grasp English as a Second Language (ESL). For those inclined to become ESL tutors, proficiency in English and a desire to assist are the only prerequisites.

Help the Literacy Council fulfill our vision of “removing barriers and providing support in relentless pursuit of a literate community” by becoming a tutor or volunteer today! Free tutor training and support are available. Volunteers are also needed to staff the office, organize the resource library, and help with outreach activities.

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119 Hobson Ave Hot Springs, AR 71901

Our office at 119 Hobson offers a safe and secure location with several private and group tutoring classrooms. A list of alternative sites is available, including the Garland County Library.


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