Literacy Council of the Ouachitas

Who We Are.

Established in 1983 as an adult educational nonprofit, the Literacy Council of the Ouachitas offers one-on-one and small group tutoring.

We value literacy as a basic human need. We value respect as a tool for fostering growth, increasing accessibility and collaboration to ensure an inclusive learning environment.

Our Vision is to remove barriers and provide support in relentless pursuit of a literate community.

Supporting individuals by building multi faceted literacy skills is our Mission

We are a partner of the United Way of the Ouachitas, members of ProLiteracy, and the Adult Learning Alliance of Arkansas.

Do you want to learn to read, write or improve your math skills?

Our free programs are here to help.

Throughout the region, between 20-26% of adults struggle with low literacy. These adults read below a 3rd grade level, and that has a profound impact on the health, safety, and economy of our communities.

Some of these adults may not be able to read directions on a prescription bottle or help their child with homework.

Percentage of low literacy in our region.

Literacy Council of the Ouachitas

Engage with the us through our programs, volunteering, or support.

Programs at Literacy Council of the Ouachitas


We have classes and sessions to help you reach any goal.

Volunteer with Literacy Council of the Ouachitas


Our mission relies on volunteers. Some volunteers tutor, some help with other needs.

Donate to Literacy Council of the Ouachitas


Local donations ensure we can provide services to anyone.

At The Literacy Council of the Ouachitas, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our mission and vision. We remain committed to racial and ethnic equity in our community. Through literacy, we can have a community that welcomes everyone.

Our Partners.

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Literacy Council of the Ouachitas

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